Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Introducing...Carla Moss Interiors

“Carla....Carla...Are you there, Carla..?”  I know what you’re thinking.  That I fell knee deep in mauve paint for a demanding client and I’m not able to slosh my way out of the law suit.  Maybe poor sweet Carla just couldn’t deal with all the hub-bub of managing: school, hubbie, kids, clients, church, family and volunteering and just quit life. (ok, that last one might be true on any given day) but the reality is that I have been uber busy starting my own business and it’s exciting!

After months of re-evaluating my goals and dreams, I came to the conclusion that interior design is what gets my engine revving.  The furniture, the colors, the fabrics and the clients all keep me coming back for more.  So, the time has come...introducing...Carla Moss Interiors...

Carla Moss Interiors is the culmination of months spent planning the design firm of our dreams.  Together,  we are dedicated to provide good design options to our clientele in any stage of life through varying rates and services - on other words, we can customize our jobs for you without sacrificing style.

We would be thrilled to have you as part of our Carla Moss Interiors family!

Just visit our website and simply type in your email address below the icon above and hit subscribe. And if you would be so kind, recommendations are always welcome.  Nothing says thank you more than a referral to friends and family.  After all, we have the coolest clientele ever.... Thank you for your encouragement.  Without our peeps, this would all still be a dream floatin’ around a bar somewhere. 

To the dream -