Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Room of the Month - The Guest Bedroom

Summer brings travel.  Travel brings guests.  And guests can bring all sorts of stress.  Why not take your summer guest stress down a notch with a little bit of guest bedroom know-how?  With my summer jaunts to Watercolor, Florida and Wisconsin, where I stay hugely influences my vacay attitude.  There's nothin' like a comfy getaway to issue in a perfect night's sleep -- all without stress.

Suzanne Kasler hits this guest room right on the head.  Don't you want to just curl up in the bed?

Before we point the finger at anyone else, the better method would be to examine our own guest quarters. What does your guest bedroom look like?  Does is exude tranquility?  Is it a site for guests to dream about long after the visit?  Has it become your laundry storage? Or maybe the dog's playroom?  Extra office/clutter room?  I think you get my point.  There are some important things to consider when creating your own guest oasis.  Take a look below:

Bedroom design by Scott Laslie

1) A real bed - By real bed, I mean a good mattress.  There is nothing worse than sleeping on a pencil thin fold out mattress with a rod running through the middle.  Reminiscent of cheap hotels.  Consider getting a solid mattress along with frame and your guests will thank you.  If a pull out couch is all your casa has to offer, then double check the mattress - would you sleep on it?

2) Reading lamp - Having a reading lamp near the bed is essential in guest room etiquette.  They might stay up late reading to get drowsy or they might be early birds who like to read until breakfast.  Whatever their style, make sure that the lamp is within easy reach and won't require someone to pop out of bed to operate it.

I love this lamp by Jan Showers. Venetia Series #3.

3) Nightstand - Standard, yes.  Necessity, obviously.  The nightstand is mulit-purpose.  It may serve as a place to put your evening water glass, to store clothes and books or to set the alarm clock.

This nightstand was featured in the San Francisco Decorator Showcase 

4) Flowers - Fresh flowers say "I'm thinking of you and I'm glad you're here."  A small vase topped with a few blooms is just sparkling. Grab them from the grocery store when you are stocking the frig.
These simple roses are a great touch.

5) Water - We've all woken up in the middle of the night with dry throats from traveling. Placing a bottled water or even a carafe of water nearby your guests will ensure comfort.  It also keeps them from having to move through an unfamilar dark house in search of agua.
 I love this bedside carafe from Crate & Barrel.  The 6 ounce glass fits right on top of the pitcher.

6) Extra Blanket or Throw - I find that there can be quite a varied temperature range in homes.  Although we could discuss the finer points of home temperature decorum, suffice it to say that an extra blanket is always appreciated.  Nothing too intense -- a light throw or and extra mid weight blanket is appropriate.  The point is to give your guest an option. 

An extra blanket or throw at the end of the bed will work great!

So...as your calendar fills up with summer plans be sure to make time to adequately address your guest bedroom.  Even if you don't end up utilizing it this summer, there's always Christmas and Thanksgiving that might bring some extra faces to your home.  Remember - enjoy your summer and your guests!  Stress free.


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