Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Interest in Pinterest

Every now and then there is something I get really attached to.  First, it was an addiction to magazines and shelter magazines like High Gloss.  Later it became my ipod...followed by my iphone...and the migration to my husband ipad.  Lately I found another thing that's quite addicting.  Pinterest!

Image from pinterest

The pinterest website

Pinterest is a website featuring an online catalog of awesome images.  It allows you catalog the things you love. People use it to plan their weddings, store potential additions their wardrobe, organize recipes...and for people like me -  inspiration for interior design!
Check out this room design pinned by a pinterest fan.

Before I met shelter mags and Pinterest, I had (and still do) hanging files by room with inspiring images and tear sheets I've collected.  Over time, I developed online files by room that I save pics into from favorite shelter mags and blogs.  And now with Pinterest, I now have an online site to save them off too!

A room by Mary McDonald, one of my fav designers that I can search on, pined by a pinterest friend.

Another room I will "pin" in my file.  Love the contrasting paper in the shelving.

With Pinterest I can store not only images of rooms I love, but can also pin architectural drawings, fabric samples, paint, floorplans, furniture and even design books people have recommended.

 A design book I can pin to my board and remind me to purchase it down the road...

an interesting floorplan from another pinterest fan..

artwork that has tons of potential in the right room...

or fabric for pillows that would make the room pop...

or paint samples of the perfect color...

and piece of furniture I could potentially use for a client.

Best put by this pin, pinterest has ton of potential!

The options are endless.  So take a peek for yourself and setup your pinterest account.  And don't respond to this blog and tell me you are addicted...I warned you!

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