Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Snob Appeal

Snob.  Is that really a bad word?  I mean, sure, we have all known some snobs who judge us based on silly outward appearances but then there are the snobs that simply require a higher quality.  Is that type of snob evil?

Recently, I was called a snob.  While driving through a gorgeous neighborhood, my doting husband actually called me a snob.  I almost flipped out!  Apparently, I had some very strong opinions about architecture, curb appeal (and even the age of the houses) that he did not share.  After my denial of this horrific label and some additional clarification, I did come to the conclusion that there are some things in life that I am a snob about around my home.

There are tiny luxuries in life that I adore and am willing to overpay for those niceties.  Take the candle for example – the perfect scent that is strong and beautiful all at the same time without being overpowering.  Just by lighting it, a smile comes across your brow. Another example of one of my indulgences is the showerhead.  There’s nothing like a full circle of rain falling on your sleepy scalp in the morning.  Bedding from the Westin 
is also an attempt to bring some luxury to my life and replicate the amazing hotel experience that I had there.  Do all of these pieces make me a “snob?”

Sure - I could blame it on design school but before design school, there was a spectacular set of sheets that my best bud Lisa gave to me years ago….wow.  The set came from Restoration Hardware and I still worship them to this day.  Coincidentally, I was able to find an additional set of the same linens in the chip n dent section at Neiman Marcus' Horchow Finale.  Ohhh la la.

Now before you throw darts at me about my sheet fetish, let's get one thing clear.  Unless you have tried Frette luxury linens, you really have no room to talk.

Begun in 1860, this Italian maker had two plants with jacquard looms by 1865 and opened its first retail shop in Manzoni, Milan that is still in operation today.    Dressing the banquet rooms of both the Titanic and the Orient Express, this manufacturer is world-renown for traditional luxury.  By 1978 Frette opened its doors in the United States with boutiques in New York, Massachusetts, California and Colorado.  (I’m lobbying for Dallas 2011.) This year, Frette will celebrate its 150th anniversary.  Talk about experience.

To celebrate, Frette is having a $1500 Shopping Spree!  This contest is open to all. Click here to win!

Sure I have a better chance of being struck by lightning than I do of winning this contest but hey – it’s worth a try!  If I won here are some of the items that I would chose:
The Hotel Bed Set would go perfectly with my Kate Spade duvet cover.  Love it!

Or what about this mink throw.  Delicious!

Or this decorative shimmering throw pillow made of leather.  Eye Candy.

For those of you who dread using the inflight blankies stuffed into the overhead bins during your flight, there’s The Globetrotter Throw.  Made of cashmere and merino wool, this travel set comes complete with a travel pillowcase.  To die for…
And if you are still smoldering over the candle I mentioned above, they have those too!

Now this contest is not exclusive to me.  Enter the Frette's contest and be sure to let me know if you win.  It can happen and it’s really fun!  Several weeks ago I won a Home Goods gift card on Knight Moves blog!  Remember, someone has to win – might as well be you.

So, if your loved one calls you a “snob”, try not to take it too personally.  We all have our extravagances that draw us to spend our hard earned cash on them – whether candles, sheets or showerheads.  These are the articles that add a little zest to our lives and specifically our living quarters.  So, embrace your snobbishness to the full extent – as long as it means that you are looking for higher quality from yourself and not forcing those expectations on others.

Until next time-

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