Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Online Interior Design Magazines

Many of you know that one of my all time favorite things to do in my down time is read design magazines.  Paper or electronic.  I get so many ideas from them and enjoy saving those inspirational ideas for later use.  Loads of clippings laden my already overflowing file cabinets -- all sorted by room, of course.  However, an interesting trend has emerged in the last few years for me and that is the growth of the images that I am saving on my computer.  Some of my images come from other blogs but mostly they come from reading interior design magazines online.  Magazines have gone digital.  We are not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

Even though I am as much old school as any person in my circle of friends, the one trend that I have caught onto is e-zines.  And apparently, I am not in the minority.  According to emarketer.com, the number of people switching to online magazines is taking it's toll on the traditional magazine market.  In 2009, emarketer.com is quoted as saying "The shift in print advertising revenues to other media, particularly the Internet, will continue to thin the ranks of publications, and 2009 will be a year of survival for only the fittest publishers."  And so it was...at least according to my computer image growth.  That being said, I am thrilled to be sharing some publications that have emerged from the dust to take top priority in my e-zine reading.

Just released in January, High Gloss is written by two outstanding contributors in cyberspace.  Paloma is the blogger of La Dolce Vita and has combined talents with fellow blogger Kyle Knight of Knight Moves to create this little jewel.  You will not be disappointed.  Glamourous rooms along with insightful articles on design, travel and entertaining all grace the inside of this sparkling gem.  One look at the inaugural cover and the reader is captivated.  Bravo!
Check out the premier issue here

Another top pick is Rue in which Crystal Gentielelo of Plush Palate and Anne Sage of The City Sage join forces to create this dazzling plethora of genius ideas.  Published bi-monthly (who could possibly use all those ideas in one month only...) this e-zine features home decor as well as fashion.  Perfect combination for those of us with limited time to check out both separately.
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E-zine Lonny highlights great interiors in addition to innovative bloggers all the while keeping you abreast of the latest market trends.  Founded by designer Michele Adams of M. A. Belle and photographer Patrick Cline, the magazine has an enormous following.  With rumors flying around the biz that Traditional Home and Lonny are in collaborations, my heart is pounding with anticipation.  So is my pocket book....Look for it sometime May 2011.

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If vintage modern is your passion, then Ivy and Piper is your place!  Australian design duo Melanie and Elizabeth met in design school and now tag team their passion in this eye-popping shelter publication.  Products from around the world find their way into this design trinket.  Including the wildly popular Etsy, with its its own online store.

Jodi and Lea merged their ideas culminating in online magazine Nesting Newbies.  It bring together cooking, entertaining and home decor to serve as the perfect consolidation of the domestic life. You can do it all - offering easy, fun and affordable inspirations.

Founded and created by designer Loni Parker, Adore Home highlights interiors from around the globe. Providing tips and design advice from a multitude of experts, this Australian-based home and lifestyle rag is not be missed.

For those of you searching for eco-friendly design, this is the place for you. Standard was created by Kelly Plante who preaches "green is a standard, not a style".  Every issue is packed full of inventive ways to increase your use of sustainable products.  Home tours included - BONUS!

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Covet Garden marries the seemingly unthinkable in landscape design.  Real spaces done by real people.  Not designers. Created by three forward-thinking gals, this nugget offers you a peak of actual homes in some of Toronto's premier gardens.

Click here to check out issue 7

Although I am certainly not promoting that we all ring up National Geographic to cancel our monthly subscription, I am asking you to consider what else "Kansas" has to offer in the way of e-zines.  Instead of trotting off to the newsstand or the local convenience store on your next reading whim, why not try the web?  Use these suggestions above to bolster your confidence.  The great part is --- they come directly to your inbox!

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