Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Ok, I’m officially a student at the Art Institute of Dallas. I will be getting an IDBFA (that’s an Interior Design Bachelor of Fine Arts degree for those of you who aren’t in the “biz”.) Remember when we used to make fun of the Fine Arts Department at college?  Now, that’s me…interesting. Anyway, I have an ID, a schedule, and a newly slapped parking lot warning; seems that I already parked on the wrong level.  

“Sabby” (youngest of the Moss crew) posing at mom’s soon-to-be alma mater.

This is my husband, who stopped by on his lunch break to congratulate me on my official registration, wave goodbye to all the money we spent on my first quarter, and join me for lunch.  I was hoping we could dine at the culinary institute right next door, but turns out they are not open on Mondays.   Typical new student move! We will have to do it on another day, like Tuesday when classes start.

Here is what the 12 quarters of curriculum looks like.  And luckily some of them are waived due to my BSBA from Saint Louis University – more possibly could have been waived if SLU had an interior design department.  Still waiting on the verdict.

Mondays 1 – 4p            Textiles
Mondays 6 -10p           Drafting I
Tuesdays 6 -10p          History of Architecture I

 Above is my schedule for the first quarter (April 5 – June 12).   Despite being one of the first new students to register, I didn’t get the prime-time classes as all the existing students got priority.   Was I up for a Friday night 6-10 class? Or how about a Saturday 8AM class? No, not really.   

I decided on 3 classes, 9 hours, and got a signature to go part-time.  I am launching a new firm, have a handsome husband and two young boys… and frankly I am still not sure what to expect as far as homework goes.  Plus, I didn’t want to load up on weekend classes to hit the FT status, when my husband works all week.  Maybe I’ll be surprised and will be chomping at the bit to sign up for 5 classes next quarter, and God will grant me get some decent class times.  But for this quarter, I’m getting my feet wet and we shall see how it this all develops.

Here is my supply kit…aka all the tools you need to have as an interior design major.  It comes with this big trendy carrier and inside you can find:

Off to Step 2: ordering my books.  After chatting with the fully tattooed graphic design major in the bookstore, I figured out that amazon was the way to go.  Saved me several hundred of dollars, after all I can afford the wait time since I have a few weeks to spare before I need to books anyway!  What a cool dude. Here are my textbooks for my Textiles class, looks very interesting….

Fabric Kit with cool samples inside that I’ll put to use:

Fabric Science Textbook, with the girl in zebra print on the cover, I wonder how the guys will like carrying around this one:

Step 3 – Bill pay.  Yep, they actually take VISA and no, you don’t have to pay anything extra like the 2% transaction fee.  Good thing that I can actually get some hotel points out of all this. 

Step 4 – vacation….and then Orientation begins on April 1st (no this is NOT a joke that I’m playing on you fools) and then classes begin on Monday, April 5th.

See you next week!

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  1. Wow, Carla, this is so exciting! I love to see how you are jumping right in with both feet. It will be exciting to follow your progress.