Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Decision


The decision was nearly made over dinner and wine in Las Vegas. I say nearly because even though I knew that change was around the corner, I still needed to come full circle on some things first.

I was lamenting to two of my dearest friends the tiresome politics of my current job and jokingly added that I really just wanted to be an interior designer.   Both of my friends nodded in agreement, “Really? Honestly?” they said.”You’ve always wanted to do that? What’s stopping you?  Just go ahead and do it.”

“But I’d have to go back to school, and its not for a year.  I would have to get another bachelors degree if I’m going to take it seriously.  And I would have to get clients and start my own company.”

“Yeah, and so?” they asked.

It wasn’t hard to imagine making such a switch sitting in that restaurant.  You would have felt the same lure that the wine had on me that night in that magnificent place – Joel Robuchon’s restaurant The Mansion on the Vegas Strip. It was one amazing pick for a birthday celebration if I do say so myself….

The restaurant’s grand entrance – see what I mean?

Simply gorgeous and enveloping.

Not always a first choice for me, this purple dining room bring new appreciation for the color.

Pictured here with my two wise advisors flanking me on either side.   Lisa (left) whom  I have known since 2nd grade and Tracy (right)  from my corporate stint at Accenture.

Not only was the food as yummy as our surroundings but the service was spectacular!

After many bottles and many more calories, my dilemma was becoming more exciting and less frightening.  With the sandman stepping lightly on my pillow, I drifted off to an “I’ll think about it.”

And the rest is history….

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