Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Designer "Garage" Sale

Designers.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned over that last few months, it’s that they come in all shapes and sizes. It’s my new fantastically interesting j-o-b to find the outstanding designers - research them and get into their brains.  I’m especially drawn to the ones that share my same design taste -  imagine that!

Speaking of remarkable taste, a few months ago I came across a kindred soul designer named Lisa Luby Ryan.  Lisa was hosting the next meeting of Dwell with Dignity (one of my new favorite non-profits) when I noticed the posting for her Annual Upscale Garage Sale at her own home.  She has an adorable little shop in Dallas called “Vintage Living” located in Snider Plaza shopping center.  More on Vintage Living later in the blog.  Anyway, it wasn’t long before I had given my friend Jenny a quick ring to see if she was up for the trek to Dallas. 

Jenny sipping complimentary minted raspberry iced tea provided by our lovely hostess.

On Ms. Ryan’s website, she had posted the sale as starting on a Saturday so we (and some other salivating designer types) showed up only to conclude that the sale actually was not that day. However, we felt free to let ourselves into her backyard past the gate to admire her serene pool before realizing our faux-pas. (Mom if you’re reading this, please know that I tried to knock first with no answer...)  After a quick check on our iphones, we deducted that the sale was actually going to be the following Thursday.  Probably to keep people like us from barging into her backyard!

We returned the following Thursday evening, thinking we had plenty of time to get a prime place in line by arriving 10 minutes early.  Were we wrong!  The line had already formed about 25 women deep.  Yep!  It was the right day this time around. 
The desperate designers and plain folk cueing up for the big reveal at the garage sale.

Many lesser women would have headed back north to the confines of Frisco, but Jenny and I decided to rough it by sipping on chilled tea while we waited in line.  The delish raspberry tea recipe is from Dallas author Denise Gee.  Collaborating with her photographer hubbie (Robert Peacock), they have created a spectacular new cook book called “Porch Parties.”  I could not resist buying a copy of Porch Parties for myself and asked both of them to autograph it in the sale line.  (Not to worry, friends.  I will be breaking out a few new goodies from the book very soon.)
 With much anticipation, Jenny and I were finally let into the sale.  Not having been to one of Lisa Luby Ryan’s sales before, I was expecting a larger selection of merchandise.  However, you could not have asked for more beautiful items!  Fluffy pillows, elegant remnants, outstanding lamps, monogrammed linens, exquisite Christmas ornaments and to-die-for furniture was the order of the day.  We were not disappointed.

Jenny purchased a small wine opener which she intends to convert to jewelry.  (another reason I just love Jenny -- creativity running through her veins.)  In addition to the knick knacks and such, the hosts served yummy appetizers from “Porch Parties”.  Class all the way around!

Me (Carla) hob-nobbing with the hostess.

Having been in Ms. Ryan’s pool area earlier in the week, we just naturally assumed that we would get a tour of her palacial home.  The home was off limits.  A bit of a bummer being that she resides in a gorgeous home in Highland Park.  But her backyard was just as satisfying -- especially the ivy trailing on the poolside wall.

As I said earlier in the blog, Lisa Luby Ryan owns a shop called “Vintage Living” in the historic Snider Plaza shopping center in Dallas.  While you are researching Lisa, do a little research on Snider Plaza.  You will be amazed by both.  Back to my point....After hangin’ with my homey Jenny in the hood, my honey Matt met me at “Vintage Living” for a date night.  (Wow!  As I write this, I realize how dedicated Matt is to my new endeavor to actually go to a chick store on date night.  Amazing man.)
Striking a pose in front of my g-sale hostess’ darling storefront

Lucky for Matt my next date-night stop, Nest, was already closed for the evening by the time we made it to the door.  Whew!  You got off easy, sweetie.  Don’t worry.  Thursday rolls around again this week!

Now you may be asking yourself -- I thought Carla was going back to school to learn about being a designer.  That is true.  I am becoming a designer.  This is part of what designers do.  The school is just one angle on the whole experience.  Remember what your dad told you?  It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.  A valuable life lesson in the world of design.

With that being said, I am not to the point of: meeting some major clients, getting paid big bucks for my time, opening a really cool retail store or disguising a cocktail party as a garage sale at my amazingly decorated home in the most exclusive neighborhood --- yet.  I’m along way off from that but let’s just say that I’m enjoying the career track thus far.  I’m coming into my own shape and size as a designer day by day and sale by fantastic sale.

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