Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Paradise at Horchow

When I need a design fix, which could be weekly, I head to the mecca of far North Dallas - Horchow Finale (aka nirvana).
Located in Plano, Texas, Horchow Finale is an outlet for Neiman Marcus as well as their sister store Horchow. The selection changes weekly and sometimes daily.  Almost as much as Brett Favre retiring (did I mention I love Brett Farve?..I digress).  Chandeliers, necklaces, linens and bedding are just a few of the items they carry in the store. 

My friend Jen is always up for a trip to the ‘Chow. Many times we have shown up at the store with 4 kids under the age of 6 much to the dismay of the staff.  Nowadays it’s just the 2 of us so the damage to our pocket books is much larger than that of the store! 
 Before we shop the ‘Chow, we always like to grab some ‘chow’. We love the casual Italian place a couple of doors down to pump up on our carbs for our shopping excursion.  The specials are out of this world but don’t ask them to take a picture during rush hour lunch.  That’s where the “love” abruptly ends.

Discussing true needs versus wants, Jen and I usually end up with the lunch deal and some caffeine before our adventure a few doors away.  Doesn’t Jen’s salad look awesome…yes the flower is an edible artichoke.

Horchow Finale….here we come!  The pictures don’t do any of the  items justice.  We took them on the iphone. I am as much as an iphone lover as the next mac junkie, but the camera lacks some spunk.
These lamps are amazing, and the cabinet perfect!  If you could have seen the lamps in detail, you would have seen intricate beading in neutral golden brown tones on a creamy beige shade with a coordinating crackled glass base.

The cabinet (or buffet) was spectacular! With a warm wood tone, it really set the stage for the ensemble.

Lamps $345 each, Armore $1137, and accessory $180.  (and 20% off today if you spend $150.)
Speaking of lamps, the selection was out of this world on our most recent visit.  A gorgeous oblong sphere with silver plated base and top and coordinating silk shade makes this lamp a beauty. How about $228, plus another 30%, plus the Neiman’s card discount?
Within Horchow Finale, there is a small chip & dent section.  (It used to be bigger and badder until they got the boot.) The beautiful part is that an item in this part of the store is just a bit injured somehow but super discounted. Most likely, it will just need a touch up or two!  This jewel above is listed as $200 plus 30$ off because of chip and dent section and another 5% off if you use your Neiman’s card.
Oh…if I only had somewhere to put this.  My bedroom is black and white…but didn’t I already say I was finished? $41 bucks and then another %5 with the store card.
Buckets of tassels on a significant discount – totaling about $12 each. Amazing!
Mirror, mirror on the wall.  Which one do you want? I love them all!  This treasure marked $750 plus discounts previously mentioned measured well over 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide in a bronzed finish.
This accessory blew my mind.  A ceramic white and taupe glazed platter mounted on a brushed gold base.  $309 plus above mentioned discounts. Perfect behind a sofa on a table!
And what did I get?  I wish it were that blue vase sitting there.  Take a close look directly behind my left shoulder. It’s a Waterford original.  It retails for $1500 and now is $750+discounts in addition to being inscribed on the bottom by the artist himself.  If this shows up on ebay in the near future for anything over $1500, I may have wished I had bought it. But…being in school and on a budget and trying to start a business -  I stuck with something a little less flashy.

I purchased a diminutive oblong white porcelain bowl with brown trim that will hold soaps and toiletry items for my guest bath.  It was $21 in chip and dent so another 30% and another 5% with my card for a grand total of $13…yes $13…for my little trip to paradise. 

Love, C

P.S.  I started school at the Art Institute yesterday!  I met so many fantastic people and I'm already digging into the homework.  More details next week...

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