Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sun Valley...Some Valley...

Did you ever sing that song when you were little “In a cabin, in the woods..Little man by the window stood...”  It always conjured up a small, quaint little mountainous oasis where the you saw the rabbits hopping by.  I loved to sing it time and time again.  Well, a few weeks ago my family and I got the privilege of visiting my dear best friend Lisa (remember, the one who told me “Why not start a decorating business?”)  Her cabin in the woods was neither little nor quaint but breath-taking and spectacular --- in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Idaho does not typically conjure up visions of beauty to those of us who have never spent any real time there but I found myself sadly mistaken.  This place is special for so many reasons!

 Lisa and I outside her front door.

This cute guest house was our home for a week.   Are you kidding me?  How cool is that?

Decorated in “sun valley ski lodge style”, the house has strong, stylish hardware from Rocky Mountain Hardware as well as reclaimed giant doors.

Duh,duh.  Duh, Duh.  Duh,duh,duh,duh,duh.....this main house pictured above was once also owned by previous occupants Richard Dreyfus and family.  (think Jaws).  According to local lore, the house just across the street, in the cul-de-sac, was once owned by Demi Moore and Bruce Willis (pre-Ashton Kutcher I’m presuming).  

There’s a very ingenious invention the roof.  If you look closely, you can see some tiny clips on the roof.  Called “heat tape,” this device heats up and thus melting the snow so that it doesn’t get too heavy on the roof and prevents damage. Hah!

This is the entry way that you come upon when you enter the house...

The library…

Formally the master bedroom, this home theater rocks.  Did I mention that my husband and son played Ms.Pacman daily here?

Perfect for snuggling up with a yummy nightcap, this new master bedroom provides the perfect oasis.

This is another entrance to the house with an extremely difficult circular room.  Although the room is beautiful, Lisa asked me to give a professional opinion as to what I thought she should do with it.  Solution:  make it a music room with a grand piano.

This is the inside of the circular problem.  Can’t you just picture sitting around the piano singing Christmas carols by candlelight?

Our daily “bathtime” in the outdoor pool.

With silk drapery throughout the house and fantastic fixtures, it’s hard to notice the vintage touches like this Sun Valley poster.

 All in all, the house is a treasure trove of beauty and rustic elegance.  There was one place that this is not true and that would be in our guest house.  Outfitted with extremely modern sconces and a star chandelier, there seems to be some items that the former owner forgot! Lisa and I are working on finding replacements for them to blend in with the rustic charm of the rest of the estate.

Although Sun Valley is traditionally known as a ski get-away, the Moss family did their fair share of hiking this time of year.  Fly fishing , down the road at Box Car Bend (how cute is that name...) is renowned in the area for fly fishing.  Maybe next time around when the boys can actually tie something of their own....

According to Ethan and John, Red Fish Lake and Lodge was the absolute best.  Forget the house, take them outdoors!  

Lunchtime found a deer peeking it’s head inside our window....

So...it’s back to 100 degree weather in the Lone Star State.  Time for work, school and summer playtime.  As you can tell, Sun Valley is really Some Valley.  It has a uniqueness all it’s own and a beauty that compares to no other.  Thanks to my precious friend Lisa, the Moss family was able to experience this first-hand. (modern sconces and all...)  Lisa, you made our summer memories a lot more sweeter and a little more bearable.  Thank you for sharing your “little cabin” with us!

Until next week,


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