Tuesday, June 29, 2010

To market I will go...

Oh it was so fun!  I had just returned from vacation, and usually the day after I have some dread about getting back to the grindstone.  But not this time!    Yesterday, I attended my very first market.  The Dallas Total Home and Gift Market.
Needless to say, I was happy as a clam.

Me on the red carpet…ready to learn!

My friend Melissa, who is owner of Paper Affair, invited me to join her.  She owns 2 stores and soon to have a third – in Frisco, of course, just up the road from our neighborhoods in the Shops of Starwood.  Her quest – to purchase items for Fall, Christmas, Spring and Easter for her three stores.  My quest – to learn from the master and see firsthand all the home/furniture/lighting sources available to the trade. 

Melissa, Myself and Kari, a friend of mine and a employee of Paper Affair.

For the majority of the time, I just tagged along with Melissa.  She was fascinating to watch.  She had already been to the market the previous three days, and now had several meetings with sales reps of key products.  The thing I love about Melissa is that she is decisive and knows exactly what she wants.  As the sales reps shows her new lines of stationary, bags, frames and accessories, she know immediately if it will sell or has a chance.  She is quick to report what is wrong with certain lines and if she just doesn’t like something.  I love it.  My kind of gal.

Cute pups Melissa purchased for Easter.  Go see them at Paper Affair this Spring!

After learning much from Melissa, I headed to the Home for the Holiday section to view all the Christmas decorated rooms, featuring items from various places in the market.
 Having used orange accents recently with a few of my clients, I loved this room.

Love the couch and the legs on the coffee table...

The chandelier rocks.  I'm trying to imagine if my kids could keep that white sofa clean....

Wow...the peacock really adds some pop...

Finally, I decided to head to my type of vendors -  Furniture, drapery, lighting and home accessories.  Paradise found.

I loved the drapery at this vendor, Emdee International,  and am considering doing something similar to the re-make of my dining room.

This chest caught my eye immediately.  Chests are a key item at Sterling Industries Showroom. 

Finally, I went on my quest to find sconces for my friend Lisa’s home in Sun Valley (you will get to read more about her house next  week).    She lives in a wonderful home, featuring lots of details from Rocky Mountain Hardware.  Unfortunately, the previous owner decided to mix in some super modern sconces which totally look out of place on the staircase, thus need replacement. Although I found several, this one from Taylors on Ten, was perfect. 

Soon it was time to go, and I realized that next time I would attend market as the owner of Carla Moss Interiors. I am officially a member of the trade now, and I think I am ready to go solo.   But it sure was nice to get my feet wet, courtesy of Paper Affair.  Thanks Melissa!  J

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