Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Family Dynamics

There are critical moments that determine a family’s personality.  I definitely remember a few.  
One of my first jobs was working in the men’s department at JCPenney.  We often marked down suit jackets or sportcoats, as they were called.  I remember the day my dad got wind of the sale, and appeared on the sales floor eagerly waiting for the great deal.  He bought plenty…and don’t get me wrong, he got a great deal.  But keep in mind the jackets he was purchasing were the bright salmon, pink and bright green.  At first, I was concerned.  But then I realized that the clothes totally fit his personality.  My dad is colorful, always has been.  He is always the guy standing out in a crowd talking up a storm to just about anyone.  Colors works for him. 

Then, there is my youngest son, Ethan.  He is of the same mold as my dad.  I was at a block party last weekend, and as I introduced myself, they replied,  “Oh you are Ethan’s mom.  We talk often on the block while he’s riding his bike.”  It's not surprising that everyone knows him, he just can't stop talking.  One year he even returned home with a political sign and a flag pin saying he we should vote for the really nice man on the corner who was running for election.

Last week during his first week of summer, he arrived down for breakfast with a smile.  “Ethan, I said, “you are dressed and ready to go.  Nicely done!  Do you think your outfit matches?    “Of course,” he replied without missing a beat, “I look like a carrot. “ 

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I think color has much to do with a person’s personality.  Some people love to stand out in a crowd.  They are comfortable with themselves, their clothing (even if its obnoxious) and things just wouldn’t be right any other way.  Others, like my older son and my husband, like to play it safe.  They don’t like standing out.  Blending in is fine.  And frankly khaki goes with everything, so why add any additional colors to make it complicated? 

This is true of design, too.  People often ask me what my style is. Oh, I definitely have one, but it’s not yours, my neighbor’s or anyone else’s.  It’s mine.  I think the best job I can do is to find your style and make it stand out in your home.  People should walk into your home and say, “This is so you!  I love it”.  Not, “This is so Carla Moss.  I see her stuff everywhere”.  My goal is to find that in every client.   I will find your style…and then try to make it standout in its own way. 

Although sometimes my dad and Ethan don’t get color totally right, color is needed.  Miles Reed to is the perfect designer for my dad and Ethan. He’s explosive and fun!

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How else could put pink (close to salmon) and red together for such a great combo?

Or could use kelly green in such a great way…
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On the other hand, this would work great for my husband and John - conservative, comfortable and totally neutral.  A great combination of looks from Restoration Hardware… 
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And where do I stand?  Well, I guess you could say my dad, Ethan and I have a lot in common. While I'd love to see this style in my home...designed by one of my favorite designers Kelly Wearstlser, I 'm married to more of a conservative type.. 
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...so I guess you could say Jan Showers works perfectly for me right now.
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All that being said, how colorful are you?  What does your perfect room look like? 


  1. Oooh, thanks for some great ideas. My living room needs HELP. Monochromatic or a mix of similar colors might be the way to go for me -- the examples you provide really get me thinking. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Courtney! Love your blog...and of course your cute picture in green and pink! :)