Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Office Space...the red stapler!

Anniversary number 5 for my hubbie at his work.  Many of you might not know that this is a celebration that does not go unnoticed.  In the hedge fund world, number 5 is a big deal.  So big, that last week darling hubbie was graced with an amazing present – a red stapler! Which only reminds me of my former consulting days - via an extraordinary flick.

For those of you that are old enough to remember the movie classic “Office Space” that came out in the early 1990‘s you will understand that HBK simply had to gift him with a red stapler.  What would a real office be without a red stapler in the midst of all the boredom?  For those of my readers who are not familiar with the gift, I have placed a link below to youtube where you can see the scene from the movie.  Disclaimer:  my husband in no way resembles the character portrayed in this movie clip --- he’s way more smarter, hipper and hotter than that guy.

Words cannot describe the crimson monogrammed wonder now adorning my husband’s desk....

I am very thankful for the job that my husband has at the hedge fund.  It may sound very enticing but it is actually very detailed work.  He found a job that allows him to capture his fascination with numbers and put it together with his love of working independently.  Don’t get me wrong -- he’s a blast to hang out with but managing others is not something that invigorates him.  Numbers are his thing (as are the thing for most of the other people that work there).

I jokingly say to Matt that I could (under the cover of mid-day) sneak into the offices at the hedge fund and set up shop - complete with an office - and  no one would notice me until Friday at happy hour.  That’s when the free beer brings out the socialite in everyone!
Now that the love of my life has his own stapler (which he refuses to let me touch...), it got me thinking about what my dream office would be in a world where colors abound and the possibilities are endless.  No way could I just sachet into 4 walls and a desk without some sort of flair -- such as the red stapler.  After all, isn’t that what makes the world go round?  Color, art, furniture and living plants? As compared to grey scale, computer screens and plastic foliage?
Mine would look something like this bright and airy oasis from designer Suzanne Kasler as featured in Elle Decor.
Even though I’m sure that the corner office is unavailable, maybe I could squeeze into her workroom.

Then there is always something more intimate, like this inspiration from Kelly Wearstler, with a modern ease to it.

Or perhaps this pop of sunshine as seen in this House Beautiful room...

My year-round favs of red and green...

Or even a pop of glam with the glistening chandelier paired with understated hues..

Finally, there’s always the classic neutrals that are so hot this year partnered with the whimsical modern furnishings, closer to the understated design of the firm...

Never mind...the thought of trying to institute any of these ideas in a numbers-only environment causes my tummy to rumble.  Totally bad idea.  With all the effort required to make my dream office a reality, at some point surely they would notice a new suite mate in their midst.  But hey - there is a possibility that it could lead to a big contract from one of the wives.  Now there’s a thought...

So, I’ll continue on my journey to rid the world of blah and replace it with a  blast of color -- bringing many moments of happiness and joy to my clients.  Just like the red Swingline did for the character in Office Space. 

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