Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What's in your beach bag?

What is in your beach bag?

Doesn’t that remind you of the commercial -- “What’s in your wallet?”  where these heathens run around and destroy a bunch of stuff ?  I’ll tell you what’s in my wallet -- nothing you would want to see.  I never have cash, I only have one credit card and my drivers license picture is embarrassing.  It’s much more fun to talk about what’s in your beach bag!

As many of you recall, I took a long weekend vacation this past week.  We headed to Mexico with 5 other couples to celebrate a very BIG birthday.  Even with tests looming and projects nagging at me, the trip was a definite must!  Is there anything better than yummy food that you didn’t cook with wonderful kid-less-for-the-week-friends and entrancing wine? This is how it looked when I arrived....

I returned extremely relaxed because I stayed by the pool most of the time.  Yep --- hard to move me from my favorite chair.  Anyway...back to my beach bag.

What's does a second time around college student, mother of two, wife of 12 years, former business consultant turned non-profit worker bring in her beach bag?  Not much as much as my career would indicate,  but there are a few key items.

1)  Sunscreen & Chap Stick -  Being the blue-eyed true blonde that I am, comes fair skin.  Combine that with the fact that as a student, I never see the sun - this could be deadly on a vacay to Mexico.  So, my top priority here was the Banana Boat #15 (oil version of course).  Yes, Charlie King....I am supporting your latest endeavor friend!  Then there is the boring, original Chapstick - only the original of course.  I have tried other versions but end up coming back to Wisconsin roots on this one.  My once freezing lips haven’t gotten the message that other forms of this waxy build up work just as good.  

2) A Book - Heart of the Matter - Emily Griffin rocks the house yet once again with her latest book! How luck was I that it hit the shelves the week before I left for my getaway and needless to say I was quick to purchase. Endearingly flawed characters with emotional complexity combine to create this fantastic read in a way that only Emily can orchestrate.

 And just when I was thinking that this whole decorating gig might be a little too much -- another confirmation that I’m doing the right thing.  Emily Griffin showed up in my Atlanta Homes Magazine on the plane ride down! I'm like...wait I know her...but she isn't a designer....ahhh...she is my favorite author in a design magazine!  And look at her house! If you haven't read her books yet -- no worries. You will hear from her soon.  Her first novel Something Borrowed will hit the big screen in 2010 thanks to the production companies of Hilary Swank and Edward Burns.  I can't wait!

Here is Emily in her Atlanta home workin’ it for the camera.  Beautiful all the way around!

 3) My favorite Design Magazines - House Beautiful, Elle Decor and Architectural Digest cracked the top 3. How can one go to the beach without the proper dreaming material?  Although I was curling up on the breezy beach with my magazines, wouldn’t this be the perfect reading room?  Lots of natural light combined with plenty of literature.

4)  Way too big sunglasses - Being that my petite head does not conform to the standards of most women my age, those trendy oversized shades really do look way too oversized for me. Nonetheless, fashion and the beach call so I plug ahead in my shades.  Hannah Montana, Hot Wheels and Disney Princess do nothing for my career in the form of sunglasses this year.....

5)  Homework - Ok, I know through all of this I am trying to sound carefree and wistful but the truth is that I do love to make really good grades.  In order to feed my relentless desire for A’s , I had to bring some of the dreaded homework. With one test and one project breathing their hot breath on my neck upon my return, it was out of necessity.  The project was in the History of Architecture and Furniture and the test was in Textiles.  But with an ocean view, a fluffy cocktail and precious friends, what’s the biggie?  So here’s a toast to Chenille being a lino construction and for Byzantine Architecture!

6) Iphone - I have sucomb to the dreaded Apple overtaking of the world.  My iphone is my third arm.  I really don’t know where I would be without it.  It took about 5 years to replace my flip phone and I even did that with hesitation.  But now, I could never go back.  Although it didn't exactly place every call down there, it sure was nice to have email access.  And I totally forgot to take advantage of the camera and only snapped this one shot of my husband lounging.

Whether your beach bag has the latest edition of People magazine or the newest Twilight novel, it’s important that you pack one -  handy ready to go at a moment’s notice.  You might just decide to go to the pool down the street for an afternoon of sun and fun with friends.  Take some time to get away and enjoy the sun.  To fend off the heathen invaders in your life so you have some left over for the important people in your sphere of influence. With that said...what's in your beach bag?


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