Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Prom 2010...and girly rooms

Leaders of the Pack – 2010.  Seniors 2010 Always Win.  Or my personal favorite: Seniors 2010 – the Best There’s Ever Been.  This time of year always conjours up the feeling of my own high school days.  Remembering senior skip day, late start and off campus lunch.  Do they even still do all those things nowadays?  Then of course, there is prom. (evil music plays duh, duh, duh)

Magical or horrific, good or bad every high school senior has memories of this day.  While out to dinner recently, many of you have probably seen the awkward couples trying to place their order while the waiter sighs quietly under his breath – all the while dressed up like the little adults that we hope they will become one day.  If you’re like me, you can’t help but take it all in and wander back to those carefree days.  The fashion, the smiles, and the excitement all take me back in an instant.  Lucky for me, I go to re-experience prom from a much more fun point of view last weekend.

In addition to being knee deep in clients, blogs, school and family -  I also get the privilege of leading a 12th grade girls Bible study.  Every Wednesday night, a group of beautiful young ladies descend on my house and make it their own.  I love them.  It’s not often that I get to be in the presence of females in my house, so when the opportunity to host a pre-prom party arrived I jumped on it.

Hangin' with the homies --- Megan and McKenzie.

With curling irons brandished and hairspray flying, the girls arrived in a flurry of activity.  They came wearing blah t-shirts and flip flops but emerged from the hairspray fog looking like movie stars in their gowns and heels.  They looked amazing!  It wasn’t long before the hotties were posed on my staircase for the camera.  After venturing to the neighborhood to get some phenomenal outdoor shots, I waved goodbye to my ladies.  They were off to dinner, dancing and after parties. 

What a gorgeous group of ladies!

After all the girly pink and glitter left, I did miss it a bit.  Keep in mind, that I live with 3 males who could care less if they wore the same outfit every day.  This proved to be too overwhelming for me!  I went to my happy place – design.  I asked myself the question:  if I could design a room for these girls, what would it look like?

Girly colors --  like bubblegum pink and chocolate brown? 

Soothing turquoise and bold pink?  (one of my personal favorites)

Or lime green and bright blue? With a cozy corner to discuss boy problems…

There’s always the black and white with funky pillows – classical whimsy.

With funky wallpaper…

And it needs to be sophisticated too…

Go graphic with tangerine and kiwi…

Or float away with a cloudy blue and sparkling chandelier.

So after whisking myself away to my happy place, I come abruptly back to reality.  I am amazed that I am getting inspiration from all sorts of places – even prom.  Wherever the great inspirations come from, my files are fat with ideas for my clients.  Ready to create the ultimate girls room at a moment’s notice.

Ahh…well, maybe someday.

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