Monday, May 17, 2010

Destination Relaxation!

Fiesta, Siesta and the Mexican Riviera.  I can almost feel the tension and stress of the last few months melting away...I need to relax but don’t we all?  I’ve been managing the family, hitting the books and creating rooms for clients - so a tiny get away with good friends to Mexico is just what the doctor ordered.  Four other couples are joining us for a weekend birthday bash.  Perfect timing for optimum relaxation.

Speaking of relaxing, it traditionally brings to mind scenes of waves lapping gently against the beach or even a hammock swaying softly in the breeze.  But for me, it’s something completely different.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy those things it’s just not what speaks to my heart.  Give me a great chair, a fantastic book, some design magazine throw in some of mommy’s “happy juice” somewhere in mid-afternoon...and I’m good to go. 

My relaxation perfection looks something like this image from Elle Decor with a sunny chair poolside....

Throw in a cabana and a disappearing pool and you’ve got the recipe for my happiness --- even in Dallas.

How about this soothing oasis of tranquility....did you notice my favorite combo again of the aqua and tangerine?

Although I am sure that Michael Phelps has a different vision for his workout, this pool is perfect for laps for a casual swimmer.  Cooling off in there would be nice also...

Yes, designing a backyard oasis would be one phenomenal gig but at this point I should concentrate on school ---  while in Mexico!  As I said earlier in the blog, my darling hubbie and I are headed to Mexico for a birthday getaway with friends.  Personally, I will be anxious to see if the resort truly lives up to the pics on the internet.  Take a gander at this little slice of heaven.

The pristine, idllyic setting is jaw-dropping, don’t you agree?

 Yes, friends, that is the beach kissing the edge of our resort!

Dubs on this chair  - and the towel and the plants and the drinks...

Did I mention that the resort comes with a disappearing pool? 

So...I will park my cute little fanny on one of these chair and peel the protective cover off my latest magazine with my oversized sunglasses and begin the relaxation ritual that can only be found in the Mexican Riviera.  The drinks will flow and the conversation will ebb until the setting sun sinks gently below the horizon.  Ahhh…finally….

Con amor-

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