Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good-bye Williams Sonoma Home

An open letter to Williams Sonoma Home:

“Farewell Williams Sonoma Home! 

I shall miss you.  Your arrival at the Shops of Legacy caused my pulse to quicken quite a bit and my palms start to sweat with exhiliration.  Your departure from our area doesn’t mark the end of a decorating boom in the burbs but rather leaves us with a void hard to fill.  Sure. I know your goodies are available online, but what good does that do for my retail therapy?  You are the reason that Benjamin Moore Shaker Beige #HC-45 graces the walls of my dining room.  Your example of this beautiful color brought joy to your shoppers and even more joy to my family. So, from the bottom of my heart - thank you.  When you decide that the outer midst is for you again, please think of me and smile.

Warm Regards-

The stylish Plano location is no longer.

Yes, that’s right....Our one unique cool icon in the suburbs has fled for more profitable ground, if not for good.  Williams Sonoma Home is ceasing to exist in our neck of the woods and I am bummed!  The only thing that literally kept me from throwing myself across the 24 foot by 24 foot sisal rug (you heard me right friends..) is the fact that everything in the store was rock bottom pricing and that’s makes me SO happy.

By the time I got there last week, things were picked over to say the least.  (Or as Dr. Phil might put it “Looked like they were rode hard and put away wet.)  The store was a shell.  Nonetheless, I managed to discover a few goodies that I just couldn’t pass up.
The Keith desk...big time on sale.

First up on my must buys was a new office desk.  High quality manufacturer Hickory Chair produces this stately piece aptly named the Keith Desk.  Being that it was the floor model and being that the doors of the store were shutting in a matter of days forever, I got the desk at 60% off retail.  Kill me with a feather!  I was shocked.  Despite the few scratches on the top of the piece, I knew that this was the one for me.  Keep in mind that I have been using hubbie’s desk from college days. (no offense, sweetie...)  Hubbie bought the desk when he got his MBA too many years ago to speak so it had done it’s duty.  I bet Walmart never counted on that desk being around that long.... Sure, I had done the whole re-purpose thing and slathered on a coat of white paint but it was micro.  I mean small - very small for my growing needs. Now that I am official switching to the Art Institute Online school, I am spending more time in my office so desk space is vital.  (Quick shout out to my buddy Jen...Thanks for helping me load the beast into the Pilot at a moment’s notice.  Those salespeople...that’s another story altogether).

To add a little spunk to my office, I am considering a cowhide rug to anchor the room underneath the desk.  Last semester, I encouraged one of my friends (Chris) to draw a cowhide rug in his 2 point perspective class only to realize that they actually sell them at IKEA.  Seriously? IKEA?  Sure enough, there they were on the website.  Check it out...
$199 at IKEA for a cowhide in brown or black.

On addition to bovine decorations, I would also like to add a big table lamp for one corner of my desk.  Similar to the one in this photo to be precise.  This past weekend, I spent some time shopping on the square in McKinney - hoping to find the lamp with the perfect shape for a great discount that I could re-fashion with some yummy paint and a new drum shade.  Unfortunately, I came up empty handed but am not deterred!  I will stay the course and find my lamp.  McKinney or not.

To round out the desk area, it’s goodbye to swivel and hello to bamboo. Carved bamboo to be specific.  My chair is similar to the red one in the picture except mine is white.  This, too, is another score from an end of the season at Williams Sonoma Home a few years back.  It’s likely that I will change out the seat cushion for one with more umph as too much white can start to wear on me after a while.
My desk chair...except mine is in white.

And finally, my awesome purchase of some sea fans.  On sale at WSH also and such a steal at $12.  They will look spectacular in some gold frames that I have hanging in the hallway looking really lonely and sparse.  I am hoping to get them framed tomorrow and on the wall pronto.
To be framed sea fans... 

So, it’s time to bid adieu to one of my favs and make room for something even more wonderful.  It’s sad really.  Seems like all my choice design shops drift away out here in the outskirts.  But with that vacuum will come some good healthy competition.  Horchow Finale and Inessa Stewart Antiques -- please don’t get any ideas about moving.  A designer like me is not strong enough to take that type of torture. 

Bon voyage-

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