Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A trip to the Wisteria Outlet

I love Wisteria.  Their products are so dreamy and sophisticated.  Several months ago I got a card in the mail stating they were re-locating their outlet.  Across from Love Field at 6500 Cedar Springs Road to be exact.  I was so excited, but my schedule was too full to make the journey.  Weeks later, with a break from school, I was able to venture down there and check it out.  Here is what I discovered...

First of all, the new space is huge!  It's about 20,000 square feet, more than double the size of the longtime Carrollton location on Luna Road.

There are several beautiful vignettes featuring their products.  I like to think of their look as casual French...

...with a rustic, old touch.  But they have pieces from all over the globe.    I love the red coral...and the whimsy red dice on the shelves above.

They have lots of damaged furniture at discounted prices.  Coffee tables, dressers and other great finds were plentiful.

In addition to furniture, they have tons of accessories including many glass containers...

...and some hand blown glass candlesticks at 15-25% off retail.

Mirrors are a big seller at Wisteria too.  I love their sunburst mirrors and have featured them on previous blogs.  Many were on display here and ready for immediate purchase.

And for those of you who know me well, I always love a little sparkle.  How about this mirrored piece for a bedroom side table?  Gorgeous!

There was another area completely packed with lamps.  All very unique...and all marked down.

Gray furniture is so on the scene now and this is one beautiful piece.   I like how the small white vases and red antique books really highlight it.  And all of it was on sale too!

Did I buy anything?  Well, I fell in love with this console.  I asked how much it was and no one knew.  As I was waiting, I began to envision it in my living room, right behind my sofa.  And if it were 40% off, like much of the other furniture there, it would be such a steal!  They came back to tell me…it’s brand new, no discount.  I was a bit disappointed, but realized that it just bought me more time.  I will keep it in mind….perhaps down the road I may find a damaged one on sale.

So...if you are thirsty for more, check out their website and request at catalog at www.wisteria.com.  Or simply visit the outlet in Dallas.  You are bound to get at least 10% off...and call me, I may meet you down there.

Love, C

P.S.  I did officially transfer to the online division of the Art Institute.  I am currently taking Space Planning for the next 5 weeks, followed by Perspective.  It's been a great transition.

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