Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Room of the Month - The Front Door

“It’s the first impression and it will either open the door or close it.  It’s that important, so don’t mess it up.” This quote by author Nicholas Sparks is a pretty strong statement but one that when it comes to decorating your front door and entry way should be considered.  Although Mr. Sparks was speaking about his break-through into writing, he certainly beings up some fair ideas for us to consider. Your front door either works or doesn’t work to give that first impression of you.  Does yours have the curb appeal that it needs to be something that is an accurate reflection of who you are?

Initially, I intended this blog to be about the entry way - including the front door.  However, I didn’t get past it!  Your doorway is one of the critical items of a home and one that is often overlooked. Frankly, I made the executive decision that I needed to use the whole blog to discuss this important and overlooked area of your home.  So...the room of the month for August is:  the front door.

The front door is the first thing people see when they arrive at your house.  It gives them an idea of who lives here and what the home owners personality is like.  A front door should blend with the existing architecture, yet issue a statement whenever possible.  Great hardware (knobs, locks, door knockers and even kick plates) is an important feature.  A welcoming door mat and the type of flooring found on the inside and outside the doorway are key to giving that complete feel. Examine your door not only when its closed, but also when its open.  Do the backdrop colors work together to promote a cohesive feel?
Several weeks ago on a walk with my family, I noticed an outstanding front door a few blocks away.  After a few minutes of stalking the house, the owners came out and talked with us and I commented to the wife,  “cute door”.  She laughed,”I know. I think I bought the house because of it.  I’m kinda of a door snob.”

After our family walk, I studied my own door.  If Sherwin Williams made a color called “Boring Black” my front door would be the inspiration.  Or perhaps “Barely Black” after all the fading from the Texas sun. I have always wanted a bigger door.  One that takes up both of the rectangular side windows and has a ½ window in it for a little sparkle.  Kinda of like the one from the stalking victims house.  But as usual, it’s pretty pricey to do that -- so it’s on my “if we ever have money or need to replace the front door wish list”.

But I always had this desire to paint it red with some nice brass hardware and a knocker in the middle.  Something like this:

I’d have to get it approved by the homeowners association, but there already is one in the neighborhood.  Maybe I could sneak it in unharmed...

Tangerine Orange front doors are a real favorite of mine.  Take a look at this one from “Pure Style” blogger, Lauren Liess. 
Add in the snow and you have perfection! Peruse Pure Style's blog about the details. If orange doesn’t quite do it for you, browse the “Creamy Life” blog for more inspiration.  

The idea of pink on a front door is probably shocking to most of us.  In my fraternity house that I live in, there would be rebellion if that showed up on our door.  It’s a solid no-go.  But there are instances where it really works with the whole feel of the home.  Read all about the pink door on "Coco Cozy's" blog.
One of the easiest ways to dress up your door is to simply paint it.  And what color to choose?  House Beautiful has a great list of front door colors to consider:

Suggested Reds:
Sherwin Williams 2801 Rockwood Dark Red
Benjamin Moore Cottage Red
Benjamin Moore Moroccan Red 1309 (house beautiful blog above)
Behr Library Red
Behr Cinnamon Cherry
Fine Paints of Europe Tulip Red 1001 (picture of door by Suzanne Tucker)

Suggested Browns: 
BM Mountain Ridge 1456

Suggested Oranges:
BM Gold Rush 2166-10
Behr Maple Lead (250D-6)

My hope is that you are inspired to add some pizazz to your front door -- be it pink, orange, red or even brown.  Make it something that showcases your personality so that your home will make that essential first impression.  After all, it’s only paint and a few dollars worth of light painting.  Once I decide on my new front door decoration, I will let you know.  Perhaps I will even extend an invitation to Nicholas Sparks for tea and get his first impression of my life inside the doors!

To first impressions,


P.S.  And yes, it is my birthday today.  :) Work before play...but believe me, I will play...soon.

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