Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Room of the Month

22 weeks since my first blog entry and guess what?  I still love it!  Among the things that I have learned:  you can write about anything but your audience expects something.  Your readers are actually your customers and with that in mind, they will determine if they like or dislike the product that you deliver each week.  Keeping my audience at the forefront of my blog, I have decided to spice things up a bit.

If you’re reading my blog, it’s most likely that you have some sort of interest in interior design or you are a member of my family who is forced to subscribe. :) Either way, I want to provide a quality product to you with the hopes of getting you excited about my passion.  You want to learn more about the topic, see fresh ideas or just giggle as I fumble along my merry way.  Blogging is all very “today’s technology”  - heck, i hear even teachers in their masters programs have to blog!  But, it’s also extremely akin to reading an online magazine.  (I should know a lot about magazines as I tear through 15-20 a day, ripping out pages as I go.)

Since the inception of the "Why Not" blog, I have gotten responses and emails from all types of “consumers” of my product.  They come from my best friend cheering me on, friends of friends, church people who also write blogs, family friends who loved my latest entry, a classmate from high school remodeling her home....the list goes on.  Despite the fact that they come from all walks of life, they all have one thing in common --- they want to know what is coming next.  This is where the spice comes into play.

I have to admit when I started, I couldn’t tell you what was coming next.  My initial conception was to write about what’s going on in the here and now.  My every move documented for all to see.  Over time, however, my readers have come to expect something more.  Something to look forward to in the weeks to come. As we all know, future knowledge is very helpful to keeping we humans satisfied.  So...instead of just solely blogging about the here and now, I will be adding a feature on a regular basis called Room of the Month!

Each month, I will highlight a particular room in the house and offer: ideas, thoughts, pictures and resources.  Not only will it be spicy but also something to keep my readers coming back for more! Structure is so satisfying....

Here is the Room of the Month schedule:

SEPTEMBER -  The Entry Way
OCTOBER – The Guest Bath
NOVEMBER – The Dining Room
DECEMBER – The room with your Christmas Tree
JANUARY – The Nursery
FEBRUARY – The Master Bedroom
MARCH – The Kitchen
APRIL – The Office
MAY – The Backyard
JUNE – The Guest Bedroom
JULY – The Pool

Upcoming articles will also feature: The Media Room, Kids Rooms, Basements, Family Room, Jack and Jill Bathrooms, the Garage, the Pantry, and the Porch.  And as always, I would love any input that you would have for future articles.  I want my blog to be applicable to your life.

We will start with The Dorm Room in August as a salute to McKenzie Stapp beginning on her freshman adventure at Baylor University. So appropriate -- don’t you think?  McKenzie was there with me to purchase her comforter for the place and believe me...that’s a story in the making.  Stay tuned.

Until next week  -


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