Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Art on Etsy

This week in the Wall Street Journal (stay with me here and quit yawning...) there was an article about art and it's impact on the world.  What might surprise you is that this article just briefly touched on the monetary value of art and spent most of the page talking about the impact on human lives.  This is the beauty of art. It can bring a certain lively quality to spark your home's appeal.

Although it varies amongst clients, one thing holds true for these little pieces of heaven:  it packs a punch in a home!  Whether it is a child's homemade art work or a wildly expensive professional piece, art provides a wonderful way to enliven our otherwise dreary dwellings.  "So, Carla, where do I start with this art buying thing?"

The answer is really quite simple.  There are oodles of store out there that cater to the art novice. Various retail shops like ZGallerie, Crate & Barrel and Horchow all provide excellent beginning options while galleries offer a chance to discover a new artist.  Heck, there are even luxury establishments where one can purchase world-class collectables at outrageous prices. (In the WSJ piece that I mentioned earlier, a Salvador Dali painting went for $20 million this year as opposed to the previous years prices of only $5  million...amazing...)

In other words, what I am trying to say is that there is no one place that one should purchase their artwork.  For the Moss family and for most of America, the option to plop down $20 mil on a canvas by some old guy is not even on the radar.  This is why one of my go-to sites is the world of Etsy.  Take a visit but be savvy- there is some junk out there too.  Buyer beware.  Below are some of my favorites from Etsy.

Nicole Cohen has a bright, bold modern touch to her work.

 Janet Hill exudes delicate and feminine.

Animals that remind me of artist Charlie Harper by United Thread

Sapphire Wind by youmin

Textured "Blossom Tree" using a palette knife by Modern House Art

And perfect for summer "Sherbet Summer Love" by Erin Ashley

In addition to the artwork variety that is available, Etsy also has fabulous pillows and accessories as well.  You might want to set your phone alarm to keep you on track during your visit! Browse to your heart's content, knowing that others will be paying a lot more than you are at the Sotheby's auction to add that special touch to their homes.

happy bidding-

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