Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Royal Wedding and their first home

Pope John Paul II shot.  "Jessie's Girl." MTV.  American hostages released. 5150 IBM PC.  Charles and Diana.  If you're flashback machine has been jolted this week, you are not alone.  I am in memory nirvana and lovin' it.  Fascinated by Princess Diana while attending grade school in 1981 (did any of you catch that -- grade school), I was allowed to stay up all night and watch the royal wedding with my BFF Lisa.  That began our addiction to the royal family and we have been royal watchers ever since.  
The happy couple on the balcony of Buckingham Palace

Since Lisa is still my best friend and another royal wedding has rolled around, we thought there should be some sort of celebration.  Sure, we considered flying to London to line the streets with the throngs of well-wishers but uniformly settled on staying the night without kids and hubbies at the Dallas Fairmont instead.  Much better choice for our post-grade school bodies to be up at 1:00 am in our snuggly pajamas with a celebratory glass of wine raised to the new couple than battling it out on the streets. And celebrate we did....Being that I am burgeoning designer, I couldn't help but take this time to ponder where the freshly united couple would be living. Who does one ever hire to bring together two very young and very visible styles?  
The newlyweds making their own way to the reception

There are documented rumors (is there is really such a thing?) swirling that the duo has hired Beverly Hills design Kenneth Bordewich of Beverly Hills Luxury Interiors to assist them in their decorating dilemma.  My only question to Ken is, "Do you need help?  I know a fantastic design assistant with a flexible workload in Dallas...." Previously completing some work on the library at Clarence House for Prince Charles, Mr. Bordewich is no novice to the celebrity design scene.  Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson are among his rolodex. Below are some samples from his website:

A library sitting room by Bordewich

Luxury in the bedroom
Branching out into a contemporary living room.

So now that the possible designer has been chosen, where will all this elegant style ooze into the royal reality? Rumor has it that Prince William and Princess Catherine will reside north of Wales where William currently is serving as a helicopter pilot (What? He actually has a job?  Nice.)  Due to safety precautions, the exact location of the "cottage" has been kept under wraps but I'm betting it won't be long until the secret spills out. The newly christened Mr. and Mrs. will have an apartment at the Clarence House at their disposal whenever desired.  Both the new father-in-law, Prince Charles, and the Duchess of Cornwall have suites there as well. 
A suite at the Clarence House is one option.

Another possibility, is a home at Harewood Park in Herefordshire as roots for the lovebirds when William completes his 3 year stint in RAF.  Situated in prime countryside between Monmouth and Ross-in-Wye, this 900 acre estate comes with a lot of colorful history -- including being used as target practice for the SAS -- but the demolished Georgian mansion was replaced with a 1970's style cottage.  For a while, it is said that this piece of property provided Prince Charles with an annual income (I assume all the perks of being Prince of England were not enough to satiate his poker habit...) There have been plans announced to raze the existing structures and employ a team of professionals to create a six bedroom manor house masterpiece -- fit for a king.  Receptions rooms, boot room, kitchen, orangery and even its own chapel are all visions for this piece of rolling landscape. Sounds divine. 

Possibility number 2 for the newly weds --- Harewood Park in Herefordshire.
Possibility numero tres in the realm of prince and princess hood? The majestic Kensington Palace, according to Mirror. As well as being the official residence of Princess Diana until her death, this was also the family home for Prince William in his younger years and so it makes perfect sense that this would be a strong option.  I have to admit, I love the "curb appeal." 
The ever-classic Kensington Palace... 

Cutie pie Prince William as a baby in Kensington Palace sitting room

Just me and mom working a puzzle..

Not too shabby for first home options, huh?  As a teenager, Kate (or Princess Catherine as she will be known from today forward) is quoted as saying that her dream is to have "a nice house in the country and some dogs."  Looks like that simple request will be more than fulfilled by her darling prince.  All this jabber of deciding where to put these royals has brought me to the end of my royal rope.  With wine glass empty and a cozy hotel bed beckoning, I'm back to dream about the days when we all wondered whether Sandra Day O'Connor would actually hold up against the big boys in the Supreme Court and our hair was as big as our egos.  

To the happy couple,


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