Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dwell with Dignity's Recent 2011 Spring Install

I wear many different hats in my life.  Student, Design Assistant, Designer Extraordinaire, Mother, Wife, Volunteer.  In addition to all of these previous titles, I also hold one very special moniker --  blog manager for Dwell With Dignity.  This is probably the designation that I am most proud of outside of my own family duties.  DWD is a non-profit organization that has a fantastic team of designers on board who use their gifts of interior design to create soothing, inspiring homes for families struggling with homelessnes and poverty.  Combined with a slew of tireless volunteers, the DWD team believes by changing a person's surroundings, their outlook on life will also change for the better.  We have stories upon stories of significant  life change due to the DWD influence.  

Check out a recent Dwell With Dignity Installation from the talented blog team entry below:  (Notice the pillow on the brown chair -- donated by moi!)

Remember the fabulous work our volunteers did during our last WWNs (in February and March)? The creatively quilled artworks and freshly-painted furniture were put to good use at our first 2011 install with a family at the Interfaith Housing Coalition

Scroll down to view the highlights of this new home DWD decorated for a mother and her 4-month old baby. We incorporated bright yellow accents throughout to set a cheerful tone for the young family and hopefully inspire YOU to do more with color, old furniture, and your trusty hands!


Special thanks to Sandra Freeman for her artistic
photography and D.Fadal for the pillows

This quilled artwork takes the spotlight of the room. It was created using a hollow-cored door!The complementary credenza was generously contributed by Antiques Moderne.

We always have use for old pieces of sturdy furniture that just need a little sprucing, like this wingback chair. Check out the difference in the before and after!

Before & After
The warm color tones combined with the soft lighting makes for an inviting and comfortable environment in the living room.

The completed living room look


Pops of yellow keep the bedroom bright even as the black draperies (donated by Curtain Exchange) shut out the light on weekend mornings to allow for sleeping-in.

Doesn't this look adorable?


On entering the kitchen, you'll find a kitchen table fashioned from the top of one table and the base from another. Another "Inspire" idea for you!

The yellow paint unites our donated items and makes the room pop!

Kudos to the Dwell With Dignity Design Team!  Who says that inspiration can't conquer all? 

Many of you have asked me how to go about getting involved with DWD.  The simple answer is to donate.  Send a picture of the item to be donated to donategood@dwellwithdignity.org.  Once your photo is received, you will hear back from someone with all the details involving drop off and tax deduction.  Wouldn't it be a thrill to see one of your tired old donations reappear in a fresh way in an upcoming blog?   Regardless of whether you have anything physical to donate, cash donations are always accepted to underwrite any of these spectacular items waiting to be reinvented for the cause.  

If none of these methods suits your fancy, there's always room for more on the blog team.  Respond to this blog and I can hook you up right away with all the necessary info.  Away you go!  Another essential element to our Dwell With Dignity Team is getting your hands dirty.  Hop on over to the offices on Hood Street in Dallas each Wednesday evening and bring your playclothes!  Each week artisans and would-be experts alter furniture, create artwork and dabble in other outstanding goodies for an upcoming install.  You'll learn fantastic techniques while making a difference for someone less fortunate.  So..while your duties swirl around your head like soft serve ice cream, I hope that you will take the time to look outside yourself and into your community. Take a cue from Dwell With Dignity.  Make someone else happy while living your life.

Off to a hat change-

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